Rock Sale

Rock, rock cases, rock tools/machines, SALE!

Come to 801 Virginia Ct., Campbell, CA.
Saturday, August 26th, from 9 a.m. to Noon. (This is not our normal time, but due to a mistake in the
Breccia and carried into Nextdoor, we extended the advertised time to make sure no one missed us.)
Any questions? Call Michele Smith at 408-679-0202

The Donation Receiving Committee (DRC) has an overabundance
of rocks that must go! (You will see why when you get here.)
Therefore, we have two plus tons of rocks that are free! There is nothing wrong
with them. These rocks are our older selections and include obsidian.

89 crates of never-before-seen rocks are 50 cents a pound! Crates not included.

Jim Herbold set up a special Fluorescent area. Two tables full, plus information on black
lights. A poor woman’s fluorescent visual aid is available to use. Bring your black lights!

We have beautiful display cases, good for your rock/mineral collection or other
collections. Pictures of the display cases are attached. There are three of the small cases.

We have tools. Below is a list of some of the tools and machines we will have for sale at the next DRC Sale.
Most are in need of TLC and will require some assembly, but I think they all can be restored.

1 Highland Park E-5 10″ Rock Saw w/ 10″ Diamond Blade (needs work) D 17 1/2″ W 22 3/4″ H 6″
1 Gryphon Diamond Band Saw Model C-40
1 Highland Park 14″ Rock Saw: Model #M-3 (Mounted on custom made rolling cart) w/ 14″ Diamond Saw Blade (Used). (Needs work)
1 14″ Diamond Saw Blade (New)
1 Crystalite Products Vertical Double Flat Lap: With accessories (Needs work)
1 Soft Stone Spool Polisher: With accessories
1 6″ Homemade Rock saw (Needs work)
1 Loratone 8″ Gem Grinder Model # DA-84: with 2-8″ expandable drums used for polishing stones and 2-8″ grinding stone wheels (Needs work)

There were also 2 extra motors (in fair condition) and various replacement parts for older machines (in fair condition). There were 11 Lapidary Diamond Coated saw blades: 1- 6″ blade (Poor Condition), 2-12″ blades (OK Condition), 3- 12″ blades (Fair Condition), 2- 12″ blades (Poor Condition), 3- 18″ blades (Poor condition).

A. Large Victorian Case

B. Medium Case

C. Corner Case

D. Small Case